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From: Dr. Jen Faber

You and I both know that there's something special about you. No, seriously. Stick with me for a second.

If you think about it, you're just a little bit more motivated to improve your life than your peers.

Isn't it true?

Aren't you HUNGRY right now for change, to create a shift in your life, to stop putting your dreams on hold, to stop taking time for granted, so you reach the next level of purpose and joy in life?

Lots of people SAY they are. In fact, 1 out of 2 people are dissatisfied with some area of your life.

But most are just onlookers, right? They stay stuck.

YOU take action, which is why you watch my videos or read my books - you're always trying to LEARN and get step up to a better version on yourself.

You invest in yourself.

You want to live your life now, rather than wish away the weeks to live for the weekends or put off your dreams until retirement.

You're decisive and committed - you KNOW you deserve more in life right NOW.

You long-ago decided personal growth and feeling more purpose are HUGELY IMPORTANT at this stage of your life.

Because you DEEPLY CARE about reaching
the next level of joy in your life.

You're the type of person, I'm guessing, who really wants to live more, act without fear, be courageous, and live in the present.

You want to develop a more positive mindset and sense of clarity in every area of your life because you KNOW, deep down, you're supposed to have a life that isn't mediocre, riddled with fear, or unfulfilling.

So I honor you for being on this page.

Now I'm wondering if you'd give $1 more so I can work with you - TRAIN YOU - on an ongoing basis.


Every single week I send you weekly coaching videos and I go LIVE to my audiences every month. 

I teach new mindsets, new habits, and new tools pulled from the areas of motivation, mindset practices, neuroscience, positive psychology, goal-setting, and lifestyle design, so you can create positive momentum in your life right now.

It's me coaching you every single week, and you join me LIVE once a month. I teach 30-45 minutes on the best concepts that month of personal development and psychology giving you some new strategies, so you can get overcome fears and create positive changes in your life your goals faster. 

And then, I take Q&A from you and answer your questions live.

It's like working with me as your coach while at the same time, being surrounded by like-minded people who are looking to get more out of their lives, just like you.

Also in this group, you'll find out about upcoming trainings, events, retreats I'm posting, as well as giveaways that you will be the first to know about. I'm just giving stuff out in there because I love my monthly members. 

✛ PLUS: 2 Hours of Ideal Mindset Training I've preloaded 2 Hours of Ideal Life Mindset Training that you will get immediate access to Right Now! So if you want insights right now to help you break stop putting your dreams on hold and start taking action on them now? We've put two-hours of trainings in your members area, that you can go see right now, literally, when you sign up today!

✛ PLUS: Access to this month's previous LIVE session, so you can dive right into building your momentum.

✛ PLUS: Private Online Community where you can grow, learn, and discuss with fellow members who are on the same path to elevate their lives, just like you.

Access One Month of New, Innovative Concepts on Building the Life You Want for Just $1

And I'll let you "test me out" for just $1 the first month. I charge $1000 per one-hour coaching call. You get weekly coaching videos and LIVE TRAINING WITH ME THIS MONTH, for $1, deal?

Why might I be a good coach for you?

Here's what others have said about me...

"I have not seen more actionable, simplified coaching in my 30 years in the transformational, personal development industry. The reflection questions, relatable stories and insights that Dr. Jen offers will assist you in uncovering your unique struggles, strengths and beliefs while moving you toward a more authentic and fulfilled path for your life." 

— Anne Skinner | Transformational & Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Trainer & Author

"Most of society falls into the conventional lifestyle path already laid out by someone else, for someone else. While this might be acceptable to some, others feel trapped; spending days, months, and even years yearning for more... wondering how they can break free from the 'box' of what they believe life is supposed to be like.

If you are that person and are ready to challenge this conventional way of thinking about life, love, and health - Dr. Jen provides the exact roadmap you need to figure out what you want, prioritize and plan, then take real action." 

—Tim Meuchel | Best-Selling Author of the 10X Factor


For $1, you get immediate access to these 4 trainings right now!


4 Questions That Will Change the Course of Your Life

It's easy to run life on autopilot. We're bombarded with more distractions, responsibilities, tasks, and to-dos, leaving less time for quiet and self-reflection.

These 4 questions will change that - creating an opportunity for you to assess your life now, your past, and the future ahead.

After watching this training, take time to reflect on these 4 questions and what they mean to you.


Projecting & Elevating Your Life Path

What does your future life look like? If you can project your path doing the same exact things and living the same exact way, are you happy with your future? 

This training addresses these fundamental questions and how to project your path into the future you really want.


Using Blame to Spark Positive Change

Blame is an easy thing to do when life's not going our way or when we're faced with difficult circumstances, but all that does is strip away your power to change the things you can change, despite what's happening to you.

In this mindset training video, I'm going to show you how to spark change, all by using blame as a tool to help you find your inner power.


Channeling Envy as a Source of Instant Joy

Have you ever found yourself feeling envious about someone in your life that has something you want? That envy keeps you stuck - wishing and wanting - but not knowing what to do and how to create that in your own life.

This video is going to change that. I'm going to show you how envy, when looked at from a different perspective, can actually be used as one of your greatest teachers and sources of joy in life. 

Then, you get NEW weekly online trainings and LIVE coaching from me, EVERY month!

Every month, I'll unlock another new set of Momentum trainings for you, and you can take any of them AT YOUR OWN PACE.

The goal is to give you the unconventional training and personalized coaching you need to dramatically accelerate your growth, productivity, well-being, and work-life balance all year long.


Why Am I Doing This?

I want to help you break away from how life has boxed you in from the dreams or happiness you’ve been putting on hold.

I know after having taught thousands of people from various walks of life and stages of life to help them break out feel stuck and start to create some serious momentum, you can go to another level in your life, and I can support you in doing that.

You see, I wasn't living the life I wanted...I was living the life I thought I was "supposed to live." Despite everything I had in my professional life, I felt like a version of myself was trapped inside and she was screaming at me to break free.

Since early in my life, I never wanted to be put into a “box.” But I found myself in my own trap. The same fears, insecurities, and doubts that I have had in my head for years remained with me, which were making me say no to the bigger, scarier, and more exciting dreams I had been burying for years.

What I really wanted was much deeper.

I had to redefine what a successful life meant and realized that it wasn't so much about goals or ambitions. It’s about doing what makes you happy, thrive, and feel alive.

I left everything I knew so I could rebuild my life and figured out how to to a lot of it flying solo, which brings me to you.

I want to be the coach that can say to you...

"Hey, let me keep you motivated and on the right track LIVE every week. Let me help you start to create your life on your own terms again, or maybe for the first time ever."

I want to do that for you. 

I don't know anybody else in this space who is teaching about life and mindset the way that I am because my path in life has been so unconventional.

I've literally walked away from a successful practice. I've left my home and sold everything I owned, all so I could discover who I really was without the things that I knew, so I could figure out what I truly wanted in my life.

I don't know anybody else in this space who is teaching about life and mindset the way that I am because my path in life has been so unconventional. I've literally walked away from a successful practice. I've left my home and sold everything I owned, all so I could discover who I really was without the things that I knew, so I could figure out what that next step is for me. In this weekly coaching, you get the opportunity to actually work with a coach who thinks outside of the box, because that's how I live and breathe and that's how I teach.

That's why I want you to join my mentoring program, called Momentum Weekly LIVE.

Now, to be clear, you have to really care about breaking away from how convention or your past has boxed you in and start to focus on what you really want, rather than put life on hold, to do this.

My Momentum Weekly LIVE program is usually $49 every month. So, yes, this $1 trial is sort of crazy.

But I wanted to do something special for you.

I want to invite you to try it out.

Yes, for just $1 right now. 

For $1, you can get into the program for an entire month. 

That gets you access to TWO HOURS of weekly ideal mindset training for the first month and access to my next live training, which I host on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 3pm MT/5pm ET.

If it's not for you, ask for your $1 back. Or...

You can stay for our next LIVE online training. And you can ask questions and participate and grow.

Don't worry - if you can't make it to the LIVE training with me, you'll get the recordings in your member's area.

All for just $1 trial this month.

If you don't cancel, then we assume you're loving it, and we'll keep you and you will be automatically billed $49 per month just like every one of our committed students.

So, this is a $1 trial for one month, then it goes to just $49 per month and you get me sending you coaching videos every week plus coaching you LIVE every month, plus you get the recordings.

You're here. You already took the first steps. You're ready to elevate your life and take action on what you now. This will serve you.

Again cancel any time. So, click the button below to begin your $1 trial.  

30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Cancel Anytime

Take the 4 Momentum trainings right now for $1 trial. If you stay with me, it's just $49 per month for NEW training every week and LIVE coaching every month (which automatically renews if you don't cancel within your first 30 days). And you can cancel anytime!


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