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Have you ever felt like there is something more in life for you…like an itch you can’t scratch, but you don’t know how to tap into it?

Have you ever felt stuck in the hamster wheel of life? That no matter what you try, how hard you work, that you can’t snap out of it?

Does life just feel like a sea of busywork, tasks, and responsibilities and you’re wondering…where has all of the fun gone?

Have you felt like you should be happy because you’ve “made it,” but find yourself searching for more. 

Or maybe you feel like you’ve lost your way and wondering how did I get here and how do I make changes?


I woke up one day to a life that wasn’t making me happy - it was the life I was “supposed to live.”

The irony is that I was surrounded by the successes of the very things I had spent years of my life working towards. A six-figure wellness practice, an online business, a leader in my industry, and the freedom of an entrepreneur - what the heck was wrong with me?

There was a version of myself trapped inside and she was screaming to break free! I was letter fear, self-doubt, and insecurities bury my true desires for years.

Despite my “success” what I wanted was much deeper - it was about what made me feel alive.

So I sold everything I owned to become a digital nomad. I shifted my energy to mentoring others who were seeking unconventional ways to work and live like I was. To show them what was possible, that they're not alone, and that there is more out there for them.

Which brings me to you. I want to help you start to create your life on your terms again, or maybe for the first time ever. I want to help you break away from how life has boxed you in from the dreams or happiness you've been putting on hold.

The 90 Day Life Academy is my all-in coaching program to help you start living into your dreams now instead of waiting...


➜ How to reassess what’s working your life right now and what’s not.

Learn how to put the focus back on what you want, rather than what you’ve been telling yourself you’re “supposed to do.”

Step-by-step to reset the course of your life from stress and doubt to fulfilling your life goals.

Discover how simple changes delivered in 10 day increments can create steady improvement and fulfillment.

 How the next 90 Days can create the biggest life transformation you ever have in rebuilding your life.

3 Month Online Course Featuring step-by-step video training plus daily coaching and motivational videos.

✛ PLUS: Interactive Worksheet Downloads to personalize every lesson and take action!

✛ PLUS: MP3 Audio Downloads listen to every lesson on the go.

✛ PLUS: Built-In Support features with every lesson to post comments and questions.

✛ PLUS: 24/7 Lifetime Access and you can watch on any device.

✛ BONUS #1: Private Client 90-Day Life Blueprint ($297 Value)

✛ BONUS #2:  90-Day Life GPS Assessment ($97 Value)

✛ BONUS #3:  90-Day Success Principles Masterclass ($397 Value)

✛ BONUS #4: 10-Day Foundation Training ($297 Value)

✛ BONUS #5: 3-Month Membership to Live Now Monthly (for the first 50 who register)

Online program divided into 9 stages, one stage every 10 days to focus on one core life area.

90 Day Program Includes:

Stage 1: Empowering Habits
Stage 2: Choose Novelty
Stage 3: Take Courageous Action
Stage 4: Seek Adventure
Stage 5: Erase Resentment
Stage 6: Show Compassion
Stage 7: Embrace Spontaneity
Stage 8: Minimize Regrets
Stage 9: Practice Gratitude

✛ BONUS #1: Private Client 90-Day Life Blueprint ($297 Value)

✛ BONUS #2:  90-Day Life GPS Assessment ($97 Value)

✛ BONUS #3:  90-Day Success Principles Masterclass ($397 Value)

✛ BONUS #4: 10-Day Foundation Training ($297 Value)

✛ BONUS #5: 3-Month Membership to Live Now Monthly (for the first 50 who register)

Dr. Jen Faber, D.C., international mindset coach and "Top 10 Wellness Leader to Watch," empowers people to break away from burnout in life to live the life of their dreams. She built a thriving six-figure house call practice, then transitioned to coaching over 5,000 health and wellness professionals out of practice burnout.

Realizing that something in her life was missing, Dr. Jen sold her practice and everything she owned to live out of a suitcase and rediscover her purpose.

After pivotal lessons in life, loss, and impermanence, she is expanding her mission by teaching unconventional ways to think, dream, and live, by breaking past fear and doubt, so people take advantage of the time right in front of them, rather than put their lives on hold.

 This course is held completely online!

✱ All of the hours of video training have been recorded for you.

✱ You can watch anytime, 24/7 on any device. You have lifetime access to all the content and materials. You can take this course again and again as much as you need.

 Over a 3 month period, your core video training and daily coaching videos will be automatically added to your online portal.

✱ You will have foundational training and part of your first weeks content immediately available upon enrollment.

✪ Will this course help me? I'm a _________. GREAT QUESTION! The answer is YES, this course is designed to help each individual transform their life where ever they currently are. That means it can help people of all ages and backgrounds, parents, entrepreneurs, employees, an individual who is struggling or excelling and everything in between.

✪ What If I don't have time to take the full course right now? No problem! You get 24/7 lifetime access to this course. Which means you can go at your own pace and come back to it anytime you need it.

Do you offer a payment plan? YES! Payment options are listed at the bottom of the page to make sure you can get this life-changing information.

Can you guarantee any results? Unfortunately there are no guarantees in life so NO, I can not guarantee any results of any kind. What I can promise you is that I have given it my all in this course!  I truly believe the perspective and strategies in this program can help you on your journey of transformation. 

What is your refund policy? I offer a 30 Day money back guarantee. Just email me if this isn't a good fit for you. This is a no-risk guarantee for you!

What can I expect when I join this course? Re-energized, hopeful, clear, determined, enthusiastic and supported. The videos and worksheets are designed to open your mind to a new level of possibilities for you and those around you.

What happens when I enroll? Good news - you are taken right to your online portal where all of your video training, workbook, audio downloads, and bonuses are waiting for you! Module 1 is set to go right now, and the rest of your content is delivered over the following 90 days! Just click the button to enroll and let's get started!

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